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About Me

Jennifer Raams is an entrepreneur with 25 years experience in healthcare, ranging from Chief Operating Officer for JACO Rehabilitation to delivering direct patient care, human resources, business innovation, and strategy.


Jennifer found her calling in helping people prepare for life's physical and mental challenges and ignited her passion for mental fitness. 


Jennifer brings a multifaceted approach to the realm of personal and organizational wellbeing and human development. With an Inner MBA from New York University, Jennifer is equipped with the skills necessary to guide her clients to living fulfilling and impactful lives both personally and in their communities.


Her dedication to personal and workplace well-being allows Jennifer to serve as a mentor, fostering harmonious and thriving environments.


"We need leaders who are emotionally intelligent. Leaders who model collaborative working, who coach, rather than command. Be a leader that people want to follow and grow with.The digital revolution needs a different, more human kind of leadership"-


Jennifer Raams, Founder Choice Consulting Hawaii


Choose Who You Want To Become

Focus Growth

Through the consulting process, we will explore whatever is holding you back so you can truly realize your full unique potential and unlock your innate value.

Holistic Growth

We will design a plan to upgrade your personal operating system to improve resilience, leadership capacity and strengthen your mental fitness.

Together we will tap into your curiosity and explore what fuels you in life and business developing the skills to boldly lead yourself, your team and your community.

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