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Invest in your growth, evolve your operating system. Embrace change, and embark on a path that leads to impactful leadership, let's uncover the leader you're destined to become.


You will learn a specifically designed set of tools essential for personal, interpersonal, and organizational growth and success.


Are you ready to invest in your human assets? Create your life through your decisions.

All you have to do is a simple consultation.


I will help you with what you do need to know to close the gaps in your life.

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Choice Consulting Hawaii_10.13.23-4.jpg

Exploratory Consulting

Initial Evaluation Come with an open mind to explore what might be holding you back from achieving your goals and open up to future possibilities ​ This initial consultation serves as the foundation I'll be your guide every step of the way We will...​ I will empower you to utilize tools that can help you navigate everyday challenges, enhancing your mental fitness and overall well-being Cultivate greater awareness of your personal operating system Explore habits and adopt new perspectives that will develop and deepen over time ​ ​

Personal Development Package

Plan available   1:1 individual We provide guidance on your personal path of development and empower you: Through life transitions, to enhance mental fitness, well-being and performance. Let's design a development plan together with key actions you can take to manage yourself more effectively and feel more fulfilled ​Focus areas could be:​ Uncover your purpose, power and potential To feel less stressed and more confident Fostering meaningful connections in your life

Leadership Academy

2 months        1 : 1 Individual consulting In the fast-paced world of modern leadership, it's essential to continuously evolve and grow. Looking for higher job satisfaction, decrease risk of burn-out, and increase joy at work Focused Growth: This intensive 8 session program is dedicated entirely to your leadership journey, ensuring maximum impact in a 2 month period. Holistic Perspective: Our approach considers both personal and professional aspects, fostering well-being and effective leadership skills. Unlock your unique Human Potential: Identify and address limitations, allowing you to tap into your untapped potential as a leader. Empowerment: Gain the tools and wisdom to inspire and lead with authenticity, purpose, and impact.

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